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The Annie Glenn Scholarship

The MCAA John Glenn Scholarship Board selects one student out of all the applicants who distinguished themselves through academic achievement, leadership in school activities and their contributions to the community.  In recognition of the many contributions Mrs. Glenn has made to the nation, this scholarship is named “The Annie Glenn Scholarship.”  2017 was the inaugural year of The Annie Glenn Scholarship, and these are our Annie Glenn Scholarship Winners:


2019 – Tucker Protzman – Great Mills High School

2018 – Anna Stevenson – Great Mills High School



For more information about Mrs. Glenn:

2017 - Michelle Beaulieu and Anna Staats – both from Great Mills High School

Annie Glenn Scholarship

Color formal portrait of Annie Glenn and John Glenn in his spacesuit as a crew member on the Space Shuttle Discovery mission STS-95, 1998

Photo from The Glenn Archives -

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